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A tour that has never been seen before about a city with a cursed past.
A dark history of disease, family feuds, murders and conspiracies that has been engrained into the streets and alleys of which travel. Many claim it to be the most enchanted yet the darkest city in Europe……..if not the world!

We are facing the great enigmas Edinburgh has to offer. Surprising, disturbing stories which many of you may believe is fiction, or is it? Resurrectors, cannibals, witches, visitors from other places … things that are still with us today.

We will travel to the places where these events occurred and we will walk through one of the oldest and most haunted cemeteries in Edinburgh. Searching for the fact behind the fiction.

(Includes a 20 min stop in a cemetery)

What Will You Discover?

Tour Details

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Departure from Lanwmarket

mystery tour edinburgh

Lawnmarket is one of the oldest streets in Edinburgh. Here, the witch hunt was very common in medieval Scotland. We will tell you what happened to them and, in particular, the peculiar history of one of them.

Princes Street

Shortly after the exit, we will descend to the mysterious oldest lake in Edinburgh, of which few people know of its existence. It acted as a sewer of the city and was also the place chosen to perform witchcraft tests. You will discover the eccentricities of the Scottish elite and their darkest superstitions.

Edinburgh Castle & Grassmarket

mystery tour in edinburgh

De camino a Grassmarket pasaremos junto al castillo de Edimburgo. Te contaremos algunas historias de este lugar encantado, las cuales todavía hoy siguen siendo un misterio.

Later you will see the square whose pubs still remember the terrible stories about the hundreds of people unjustly executed. It was also in one of these pubs where William Hare and William Burke looked for their future victims. Many compare them with the Jack the Ripper himself. What did they plot?

Greyfriars Cemetery

greyfriars kirkyard tour

According to the University of Edinburgh, the cemetery of Greyfriars is one of the places with the highest paranormal activity in the world. This university has a chair of parapsychology to try to explain some of the strange events that occurred to locals and tourists. What is it that this cemetery really hides?

The Royal Mile

It went from being the street where the most influential nobles lived to become the most dangerous street in the whole city. Then the legend of the underground city would be born. Illegal activities and stories that would surprise anyone.

Mysterious Holyrood

mystery holyrood park tour

We will pass by the Queen’s Palace where you will learn about the stories of love and passion that unleashed some of the most controversial stories of Maria Estuardo’s time. On the other hand, next to this place in Arthur Seat not long ago that a group of children who played were one of the great unknowns of the city. Perhaps witchcraft in Edinburgh was not just a practice of the Middle Ages.

Old Calton Burial Ground – Stop

Soon after, we will walk through Old Calton Cemetery. In Edinburgh, one of the most curious professions in all history was created. “The resurrectors.” When two Irish people heard this they came up with an idea to get rich without having to wait for people to die. What did they really do?

North Bridge

You will cross the cursed bridge of Northbridge. A place of incredible views of an enchanted city on a bridge that was inaugurated under a great superstition. Why?

Traveller Reviews

It was a very interesting experience with amazing stories and a very good tour guide. Perfect evening! Thanks Gema

Daiana L | Tripadvisor

Gemma is a very nice guide. Her stories are well told and nicely narrated.
The only problem is that we were recommended a restaurant Pibroch restaurant, we arrived at 8p.m. and they didn't serve us because we hadn't booked beforehand. This meant that we were starving and desperate looking for somewhere to have dinner.

Ana G | Tripadvisor

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