FREE Tour of Edinburgh

Enjoy the capital of Scotland with the Edinburgh’s only FREE Bus Tours. Unparalleled guided tours (in which we include stops) where we will discover much more beyond the walking tours giving you the possibility of knowing the stories and mysteries of the Old and New City in just one visit. Book your spot now!

Free Bus Tour 1. Facts of Edinburgh

A visit that goes beyond walking tours. Embark on a fascinating double decker bus tour of Edinburgh, with a twist and discover the Old & New Town in just one tour.


Free Bus Tour 2. The Unknown

A tour that has never been seen before about a city with a cursed past. In Edinburgh there is much more than ghosts and witches. Come with us and find out for yourself.



¿What is a FREE Tour?

“Free Tour” means that it is a tour in which there is no fixed price. Once the tour is finished you are free to put the price you want depending on the quality and your degree of satisfaction.

How can a FREE tour in Edinburgh be one of the BEST?

The answer is Simple: quality. As there is no pre-established price, we guarantee a great experience and effort on our part so that you can enjoy Edinburgh in the best way.

At Nessiehunters we decided to bet on this modality of free bus tours to break the wheel in the way people do sightseeing and offer the only free on departure bus tours of Edinburgh you will find in the city.

Private Tours of Edinburgh

We also have private guided tours of Edinburgh. Here are some suggestions to help you and if you already have an idea, we adapt to you, contact us!

Private Bus Tour of Edinburgh

1h – 1 day

Edinburgh Castle Private Tour

2 hours

Ghosts & Mysteries Private Tour

1h 30 min
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