We are a Scottish and Spanish tour operator based in the city of Edinburgh. We have come together to mix our experiences of long years of work, knowledge and professionalism with the sole intention of setting up a tour company for English and Spanish speakers that will make a difference.

Over time we realised that there was a great market potential where we could be very successful, as we have seen that nowadays the tours in Scotland can in some cases be boring and monotonous.

After driving for many years through the highlands and lowlands of Scotland, after knowing its people, its islands, its mysteries, stories and its legends, we have realised that there was much more than what it is being said. Did we then want to be one more? Or did we want to be different?

Our mission

We offer you a different tour experience where you live the most incredible stories and legends of this wonderful country. Tales and hidden places where perhaps one of those stories will make your heart beat with passion and some others might give you a frightening cold sensation.

Honestly, we are not the richest operator in the market, because we are just starting out. We don’t have the most buses. Our seats are limited. But nevertheless, we offer a great service and we are the best at what we do.

We want to offer you what we would have liked to found when we arrived to this country. We hope to provide you with a customised service so that when you finish this tour, more than a customer, you are a new friend.

The team


Meet Victor


Meet Sancho

Gema Fernandez

Meet a Gema


Meet Dani


Meet Emanuele


Meet Brenda


Meet Matías


Meet Noel

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